A major project - turn a bedroom (the former maids room) into a bathroom with all the features of a modern bathroom while maintaining the feel of a period space.

As you can see in the 'before' pictures below, this was a multipurpose room.  This room was originally the maids room.  It sits at the top of the back stairs and was equiped with a toilet and sink.  The previous owners made it into a laundry room and the sink and toilet were disconnected to upgrade the plumbing to the bathroom in the adjoining room.

(move the mouse over the picture to see the current 'after' picture)
Here is the wall between the existing bathroom and the room to become the bathroom.  You can see the old fixtures and to the right, a dumbwaiter installed by the Mortons when it became hard for Mrs. Morton to climb the stairs.  This wall is being moved about one foot.
This is the laundy area as the previous owners left it.  The laundy area has been moved to the basement so this room can be worked on.  The laundy will be moved to the existing bathroom once the new bath is done.
Some finished photos!
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Southeast Corner
Northeast Corner
Northwest Corner
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